Our story

Mim was founded on the idea of building mid century furniture that is beautiful, sustainable and affordable for everyone's home. We firmly believe design, environmental sustainability, affordability and ethical production can come together to elevate our lives. Yes, we can have it all!

Affordable Mid century furniture

Our design

Every piece of Mim furniture works together. Home should be filled with things that are beautiful, simple and functional.
Mid century furniture for Toronto and Mississauga

Our quality

All items are made of solid wood and steel frames, so they are made to last. Mim furniture comes with a lifetime warranty.
Mid century furniture factory building

Our factory

Unlike many other brands, our furniture is crafted by only one factory in Binh Duong, Southern Vietnam that shares a common vision of sustainability, accountability and transparency. We are committed to make furniture with smaller environmental impacts in places that treat workers well. If you happen to travel to Southern Vietnam, we would be happy to take you to see our factory. Just contact us and we will make make the arrangements.
Affordable mid century furniture pricing

Our pricing

We believe we all deserve to have the best for our home without paying for all unnecessary layers. At Mim, we are able to offer high quality furniture that won’t break your bank. Mim digital-only approach cuts out expensive showrooms, office rent, sales commissions and operation costs. In fact, we have no brick-and-mortar store/office so that all pricing does not carry the traditional retail mark up.
Modern Mid Century Furniture in Mississauga and Toronto

After all, your home should reflect the simple beauty of life.